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Love Dance Point (Istanbul Gay Guide)

Very well-known as Love in short, LDP is a milestone and the most popular gay club in Istanbul. It has been entertaining its visitors since 2000 and apparently they know how to do it. LDP has been performing as a host of many festivals and parties like White Party, İstanball Festival (pre-party), Pink Amsterdam and Hornet App party. 

Take your ticket and leave your jacket to cloakroom. As soon as you get through the check point and open the door to the dance floor; the music of experienced resident DJ Barış will take you up immediately. Once in every two weeks, DJ Can whose compilations I always look forward to listening, is on duty with his great mixes from World top lists. You can check some here.

You can see many sweating hot guys around, dancing wildly and having fun. Keep your eyes open, don't be shy and just say "hi". They are not as snooty as they look ;) As its motto says: "Love is here. Where are you?" 

I have heard nothing bad about the quaity of its drinks and behaviors of kind personnel who are apparently selected by careful eyes. Be careful about your feet, as it gets packed to the capacity especially on Saturdays and don't be surprised if you see a few famous faces and crazy girls who dance even wilder than guys :)  Because it has a very mixed clientele. Don't expect a huuuuge or a few floored place. It is almost good enough and has a good air conditioning.

Because not everybody who wants to get in, can get access into, you can see fairly good types of guys comparing to other clubs in the city. Also because relatively elite and some famous clientele choose to have fun here too, LDP takes good care of the quality of the athmosphere, drinks and music. They try to keep the quality of visitors by careful bodysearch in the entrance. 

Nice guys, good music, good drinks and good athmosphere, stage shows, gogo dancers and drag queens.... What the hell do we need as funlovers!  ;)

Music  of genre: LDP features an eclectic mix of Vocal, House and Pop
Admission and payment: 10 Euro including first drink. Cash or Credit card.
Average drink price: 7-10 Euro
Hours of operation: Friday / Saturday  11:30pm - 5:00am

Adress: Cumhuriyet Caddesi, 349/ Harbiye, Istanbul 
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Phone: +90 212 232 5683- 0212 232 LOVE
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If you want to see another venues & events, 
just click Istanbul Gay Guide page.

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  1. Bak vaktim kırdım çevirdim değerini bil başkası olsa yapmam. Zaten dingilizcem iyi deil

    1. Bu yazının hedef kitlesinde sen yoktun sevgili Liseli, ama ingilizcenin gelişmesine katkı sağladıysa ne mutlu bize.

    2. Sevgili Liseli, LDP hakkında halihazirda tırtılın bir yazısı vardı zaten:) bir de üniversiteye geçince ya da gectiysen nikin ne olacak :)


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