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With its special, unique and strategic  location between Europe and Asia, and also with culture and history dating back to hundreds of years, Istanbul has a very different image than any other European cities.  Because of its unique and very cosmopolit stand, it was awarded as "The Best Travel Destination" in 2014 by TripAdvisor.

In order for our gay visitors of istanbul to experience a fantastic holiday here, we would like to give some information about this hotspot city. First, I want to warn you that  Istanbul is Europe’s second and the world’s eighth biggest city. So you can guess how vibrant and crowded of the nightlife of the city. Are you afraid? :)  Despite its population of nearly 15 million people and the mass of visitors, the city is listed as one of the safest in the world. Please check here.

There are some misunderstandings of foreigners about Istanbul, as it has Muslim majority. First of all we are not so relaxed as to walk around the streets hand to hand with our boyfriends  as they do in Amsterdam or in Barcelona, because of some social norms, traditional structure and security reasons, but it doesnt mean that being gay is legally considered as crime in theory. When you google it "Istanbul Gay Pride",  you can clearly see that increasing numbers of contributions (maybe much more than some European cities) gradually every year.

However Istanbul is not considered as very gay capital of Europe but the situation started to change in the last years with a new generation of more open and self-confident gay men, as the annual İstanbul Pride and other events show. There are considerable numbers of gay places of any kinds where you can have fun without having to hide your sexual preferences. Especially Istanbul has many alternatives, comparing to other cities in Turkey. 

Gay clubs, many of which are located near or around Taksim and Istiklal Street, usually dont get busy until 00:00. They get busier as the time goes by, peak between 1-4 and are packed till closing. Entrance fees often include 1 drink of your choice. So keep your vocheur for your favoritte drink ;)

Below, you can find a list of top gay places in İstanbul.


Neo Club


Cheeky Club


Club 17

Kafe & Bars

Sugar & Spice

Pinokyo Cafe&Bar

Haspa Cafe & Bar

Events & Fests

Istanbul Pride

Istanbear Fest


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